Needs another look

WHILE I’m sure nobody would dispute the benefits of reducing road traffic accidents and applaud any efforts that would prevent deaths on the road, I’m not sure the 20’s Plenty supporters have looked into the proposals in sufficient detail.

The Worthing County Local Committee report by the executive director of communities and director of communities and infrastructure states: “The majority of roads likely to be treated are in residential neighbourhoods where the difference in speed may not be readily noticeable, and omitting the through-routes where speeds are higher may, therefore, lead to disappointment for those wishing to see lower speeds on these roads, also, most of the reported injury-accidents for the latest three years do not occur in the residential roads where 20mph limits might apply.”

We are, therefore, talking about a quarter of a million pounds being spent on a scheme that will not really reduce speed noticeably and will have little if any impact on injury-accidents.

I think the word “disappointment” hardly covers it!

Jenny Ellis,

Halsbury Close,