New crossing comes is a risk for pedestrians

The new pedestrian crossing which has been provided to allow walkers to cross the North end of Steyne Gardens introduces a substantial element of risk: when the green light is exhibited, a red traffic light stops vehicles from the east from turning left into Steyne Gardens, but straight-through traffic has a green light, and continues to pass at speed.

Pedestrians walking up Steyne Gardens and wishing to cross Brighton Road see the call button facing them, and many assume that this will give them protected passage.

I have observed several cases where, having waited for the traffic turning left into Steyne Gardens to stop moving, and the green light has illuminated, pedestrians have stepped into the road confidently, only to find that through traffic along Brighton Road is still passing at 30mph. When the leading left-turning vehicle is high-sided, masking the approach of fast-moving traffic, the risk is increased considerably.

When the system was first installed, I sent a message to West Sussex County Council, drawing attention to this danger and asking that the lights for both left-turning and through traffic should be maintained at red during the whole of the time when the pedestrians lights are at green.

Their reply said that the installation complied with current standards, and nothing has been done to lessen the danger.

You may care to warn your readers of this danger and, if you share my concerns, ask West Sussex County Council to re-programme the lights as suggested.

Dennis Simmonds

Steyne Gardens