New machines a ‘nightmare’

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Your letters

After much ado with the old machine’s in the Portland Road car park, new ones have been installed – what a nightmare!

Two thirds of people have to have help to understand what to do and there are long waiting times before it’s your turn to pay.

A recent experience: I arrived at 1.04pm and was given a page extolling the virtues. I set the alarm on my mobile.

Went off to shop in Worthing and arrived back at 2pm to a queue.

I asked what happens if I went over time while waiting for my turn, but got no response.

When it was my turn to pay £1.10, I was told I was eight seconds past the one-hour window, so the fee was now £2.20.

There was no phone number on the very high sign, so I got it off the page mentioned above.

I rang and spent some 15 minutes getting through to a person at end of line. They weren’t sure how it was set up, so I was told to pay £2.20 by email then they would refund £1.20.

What a way to treat shoppers. Does the borough council know how its shoppers are to be treated?

Brian Thatcher

Exmoor Drive


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