New MINIs certainly aren’t Mini

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I apologise for my pathetic complaint, but I noticed on page 89 of last week’s Worthing Herald the article regarding the ‘last Longbridge Mini.’

The article keeps mentioning the Mini as a MINI. I realise that this might seem trivial, but as a former Mini-owner (and forever Mini-lover), MINI refers to the awful BMW attempts of re-creating a Mini.

These new vehicles are by far not mini and should be called Maxis.

A Mini is the fantastic, brilliant vehicle designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, a Turkish-born engineer.

The Mini is recognised as a British classic icon and should, in my opinion, not be associated with the new ‘MINI’. While Sir Alec tried to update the Mini, it was unsuccessful – the real Mini is irreplaceable.

Mini drivers have a sense of community.

When I used to drive my red, 1989 Mayfair, called Cherry-Pip, I would often drive past other Minis where we would flash each other in greeting and, several times at the petrol station, I would get honked at by passing Minis. While the new MINIs might be adorable, they certainly aren’t Minis. Long live the Mini.

S. Fisher

Heene Road