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High Salvington Residents’ Association (HSRA) was surprised to learn, by means of the Worthing Herald article (January 15, 2015), that Paul Meredith, proposed developer of 1 Furze Road had, while speaking at the planning committee meeting of January 7, voiced his preconceived ideas of ‘collusion’ between HSRA and its ex-officio member, councillor Michael Cloake.

In addition, it would also appear that Mr Meredith felt ‘collusion’ had taken place between HSRA and High Salvington Windmill Trust.

At no time at all was councillor Michael Cloake either involved in or ever a contributory party to the constructive objection placed by HSRA regarding 1 Furze Road.

At no time at all did HSRA get together with High Salvington Mill Trust in order to predetermine the outcome of the planning committee meeting.

No collusion in either case took place and supporting evidence for this is held within our records.

Mary Meadows


High Salvington Residents’ Association

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