No complaints here

I HAVE just read with interest the letters in the Herald and could not believe the things that Caroline Fusciardi had written about the food she experienced while she was an in-patient in Worthing Hospital recently.

For her to say the food was disgusting I find hard to believe, I can only comment on the food that I received during my recent short stay(s) and I was pleasantly surprised at what was offered to me.

Possibly the breakfasts content could have been improved, but the main meals at lunchtime and suppertime were quite adequate and what I would have expected.

The soups were delicious, followed by beef casserole and banana custard (on one occasion) and cauliflower with pasta in a cream cheese sauce, creamed mash potato, mixed veg with ice cream to follow (on another occasion).

Perhaps Caroline was unfortunate, but the staff who dealt with my meals were very kind and I have no complaints.

I would just like to add the treatment received, right from the successful operation (which is what I went into hospital for!) to full recovery was second to none.

The doctors and nurses were brilliant and are a credit to their profession.

I give full marks to Worthing Hospital for their care and efficiency during my recent stay(s).

Bob Mansell

Goodwood Road