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Your letters

For weeks now, as you get off the A27 at Shoreham and head for Steyning, or when you get off this road from Arundel and turn off to Findon, there are temporary illuminated signs warning of traffic congestion, and how drivers should find an alternative route.

There is no traffic congestion. There is no problem. No alternative route is required, unless you approach Storrington from the A24. For those of us that live locally, we’ve learned to ignore these signs, but if you were new to the area, it must have caused some angst to say the least. Not to mention the proliferation of signs all around this area telling us of floods ahead.

Surely, those responsible for warning us about floods with these temporary signs, should also have the responsibility of removing them when the floods subside.

Otherwise they will be ignored, and will one day cause death or serious injury for this reason. Don’t worry. I know you will do nothing, and get away with it.

Neil Winton

Steep Lane,


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