No evidence to prove it’s safer

I am saddened that Worthing Borough Council would even consider reducing the speed limits to 20mph an hour when people don’t obey 30mph.

The police have said, even before the previous cuts to services, that they cannot enforce the new limits, especially when you consider people don’t obey 30, why will they decide to do 20?

There are huge cuts to councils, not only last year, but this year will be even greater and next year probably the same.

Why are they even considering the extra expense of creating 20mph zones?

Just so you understand my experience in these matters, I have stood on the side of the road with a speed indication device monitoring the speed of the traffic for the neighbourhood policing panel group.

I am a member of the emergency services and have attended many serious road traffic collisions and I am a firm believer in people sticking to the speed limits.

Reducing the limits down will not reduce accidents.

People often use their children as a reason to reduce speed but most schools you go past at school run times you are unable to go 20mph due to the volume of traffic.

Most serious accidents occur out of towns, on two-way roads, for many reasons, of which speeding is only one.

There is no conclusive evidence that a 20mph speed limit reduces accidents.

Gavin Ross

Rogate Close,