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What is the point of the 20mph consultation when a decision-maker like Councillor Rice states that he is in favour of the 20mph limit?

He is not the only councillor on the committee that decides the speed limit that is superglued to 20mph proposition.

He uses the ‘if it saves one life’ type argument to reach his conclusion.

The Herald’s May 1 issue reported the tragic death of a lady who was hit by a van travelling at 10mph. Will he now start a 5’s Fine campaign?

After all, if it saves one life, etc. For over 80 years, the road system in Worthing has been designed to address the risk factors associated with the current speed limits.

Altering the speed limits will change these risk factors and will be no guarantee of fewer accidents as the tragic accident mentioned above indicates.

In the 20mph zone in the town centre two buses have, in broad daylight, collided. Risk cannot be eradicated and I believe that the current speed limits represent the optimum risk levels.

Playgrounds are dangerous. A loose swing swung wildly can connect with a child’s head. Children can fall from climbing frames. As the councillor wrote last week, “Does someone have to be killed before something is done ...”?

I look forward to Cllr Rice calling for all playgrounds to be removed on safety grounds.

In the USA, vending machines kill two people every year. Do we need to address this risk, councillor?

The ‘if it saves one life’ mentality would not let us get out of bed because of life’s risks, except for one thing.

People have died falling out of bed and thus beds would need to be banned, as ‘if it saves one life’...

Lloyd Cole

Church Walk,


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