No jumping for joy

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I AM glad for the Adur district councillors that they are filled with “surprise and delight” at the news that Brighton and Hove Albion hope to create a multi-million pound training ground here in Lancing.

I am truly glad that it would create jobs, but many residents here are not “jumping for joy”.

Shock headlines today in the Lancing Herald (June 30) as residents have never been notified of the proposals.

In 2003, when planning permission was sought for a golf course to be constructed on the land between Shoreham Airport and the Mash Barn estate, there were also possibilities of the land at the eastern end of Mash Barn Lane, bordering on Barfield Park, to be used as public open space and football pitches.

Since then nothing more on that, until now.

We have lived in Mash Barn Lane for 35 years, on a lay-by at the entrance to Old Mash Barn Lane, which was a pleasant walk for people and dogs to the field between us and Shoreham Airport.

The fields are still a “green” space for abundant wildlife, including deer.

We understand the old lane is a proposed access on the exit road to the site. Either way, this comes to a dangerous bend at the junction with Mash Barn Lane and Shadwell Road. It would cause increased traffic noise and disturbance in a place where we now have some peace and safe off-road parking.

There would need to be sets of traffic lights to deal with increased traffic.

Then, what about the entrance/exit from/to the A27?

This is already congested and has been awaiting re-routing for years.

Opening the old Mash Barn Lane could mean a rat-run being created between A27 and Mash Barn Lane and Grinstead Lane.

Why should we create facilities here for Brighton and Hove Albion when we have our own problems to consider?

Mary Gauntlett

Mash Barn Lane