No need to be nasty

I WAS in the launderette when I chanced upon Mr Funnell’s Aid for Warlords” nasty little diatribe (Worthing Herald letters, July 21).

Let us consider my scenario. I bought, for a few coins, the ability to wash and dry my clothes; on taking them home I used electricity to iron them.

Turning on the tap filled my kettle and gives me a warm drink as I write.

There is a degree of poverty on our own country Mr Funnell, and, indeed, the gap between the very rich and the poor is larger than should be considered fair.

However, as to the famine in the Horn of Africa, we are still one of the richest countries in the world, and £38million is a tiny sum when weighed against the costs of our country’s military endeavours.

Perhaps Mr Funnell considers the “so-called famine” a concoction of a left-wing press and media?

Extreme poverty exists constantly as a worldwide phenomenon, from Somalia to the slums of Brazil and the now-forgotten rubble of Haiti.

Who knows? The day may come, Mr Funnell, when you turn on your cold water tap and nothing emerges.

In the meantime, enjoy the many “luxuries” we have, that millions, sadly, can only dream of.

Keith Gunn

Victoria Road