No place for buses

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SHOULD there be buses in Chapel Road?

If you’re a pedestrian there, you’re taking your life in your hands whether you’re on the pavement or trying to cross.

You’ve probably noticed that the buses travel too fast and they’re so quiet that there is little warning that they’re on your shoulder. I don’t know how many accidents there have been but, anecdotally, I’ve heard of some, and my wife was lucky not to have been killed earlier this year when she was struck by a Stagecoach bus outside Wetherspoons.

As I see it, part of the problem is that the road is far too narrow for two-way traffic, particularly when two large vehicles are trying to pass, made worse by the erection of indented footpaths on the east side. I believe that something urgently needs to be done, but until then it is, surely, the responsibility of all drivers on the road to exercise extreme caution in what is probably the busiest thoroughfare in the town.

Since my wife’s accident, I have on three occasions taken the trouble to stand and observe the traffic and have been particularly appalled at the apparent lack of care shown by the buses in an area where, because of the narrowness of the road, pedestrians frequently and readily cross from one side to the other. The fact is that the nearside wheels of buses are often straddling the edge of the pavement (which in some places is very low) and going too fast to react to pedestrians attempting to cross.

Isn’t it time to review the routing of town traffic? Surely it cannot be acceptable for the bus companies to defend themselves when their buses are involved in accidents in Chapel road by blaming “pedestrian error”?

Paul Doran

Broomfield Avenue