No place like Dome

SOME time ago, Herald columnist Ian Hart raised the fact that 2011 was a landmark year for a much- loved Worthing icon.

As one of the oldest working cinemas in the UK, the Worthing Dome has turned 100, a cause for celebration and much fanfare.

Just like Mr Hart, I am asking where those celebrations are? Such an event deserves to be marked and would seem a logical no-brainer platform to fly the Dome’s flag high and take full advantage of the promotional opportunity. Apparently not.

If there has been a celebration, it has been very muted and it certainly has not been inclusive of the local community, who have provided much goodwill and support to the Dome over the years.

I would suggest that this is more than an unfortunate and inexplicable oversight on the part of Worthing Dome and Regeneration Trust. The Charity Commission rules quite clearly state that the make-up of the trust should be refreshed with new faces every four years. So why is it for over a decade the same old names pop up over and over again? In the light of this year’s lack of enthusiasm or regard for the community it serves, the time has come for some new blood. Stef Sykes and Pete Fijalkowska are two names spring to mind immediately. Stef and Pete’s hugely successful “On Location” festival sets a standard that, quite frankly, puts the efforts of the Dome Trust to shame. Worthing has moved on and the trust seems to remain static.

Could the Worthing Dome Regeneration Trust please reveal what plans there are to mark the 100th anniversary and make public when the next annual meeting is being held, so the Worthing public can discuss the future of one of their town’s most precious assets?

James Pearson

Portland Road