No point to self-promotion column

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While reading Hugh Lowson’s column each week about the ‘goings on’ at St Barnabas House, I have often wondered quite what the point of this column is.

Far from telling us much about St B’s, it is all about Hugh and his various ‘goings on’. We all now know about his charity bike ride in exhausting detail, but last week’s column really did take the biscuit!

We now know all about his sons’ holiday jaunts, scuba diving and skiing – is this really relevant?

Apart from boasting, what is the point of this? He is the chief executive of a local charity and, while as chief executive he merits a certain level of pay, I’m not sure that fundraisers and charity donators will appreciate being told that they are paying for his children’s holidays!

He also waxes lyrical about the support and care St B’s provides for the families of patients in their care.

While I am very supportive of St Barnabas House hospice and the wonderful service it provides to the community, I am less enamoured of Hugh Lowson and his self-promotion column in the Herald. If he wants to tell us what has been happening at St B’s, then, great. But if he just wants to tell us how wonderful he is, then what’s the point?

Jenny Ellis

Halsbury Close