No privacy

I visited Splashpoint recently and felt I should raise a concern.

I have visited Splashpoint on two occasions now and whilst I appreciate the concept of a modern pool and tourist attraction in worthing I feel that they have forgotten the adults when designing it.

Firstly, I understand that there is a kids pool with slide and lanes and diving boards are separate.

Great news you’d think.

However, the adult pool has been closed off for kids inflatable climbing ramps for the older kids, water aerobic classes or for pool maintenance. Not to mention overcrowded in the lanes.

I chose to spend extra money to relax in sauna steamroom but was concerned that the glass is not frosted so people are walking along the seafront looking in... there is no privacy which is strange being that people only wearing their damp swimwear or people who can see through the glass driving by.

Finally there are communal showers to use before getting in the pool, but you can’t exactly shower and wash your hair after swimming. There are no private showers.

In a nutshell, I’m pleased worthing has a new tourist attraction but I’m disappointed the lack of privacy and room for adults.

Tiffany Freeman

Lincoln Road