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In response to the letter from Yvonne Leonard dated June 5 regarding UKIP voters and her comments that ‘they are merely registering a protest vote’.

I would suggest they are not. Let us remember UKIP actually won this national election in votes and seats.

UKIP voters are deeply concerned about the future of Britain, and who governs it; the people of Britain via their elected MPs in Westminster or unelected commissioners in Brussels. Britain cannot influence policy decisions through a veto, as within the Council of Ministers, qualified majority voting is the rule, and Britain has to obey the decisions of other European nation states.

Levies could not be applied to an independent Britain on food and products, as the European Free Trade Association prohibits such action, thereby, protecting our manufacturing industries and export trade. It should not be forgotten that the EU applies a £55million a day levy to belong to their ‘club’.

Yvonne Leonard mentions our ‘fair and democratic society’; a country that can neither make nor repeal its laws is neither a fair or democratic society.

At least 60 per cent of our laws emanate from the EU, and only unelected commissioners can initiate this legislation. MEPs are prohibited from doing so, again hardly fair and democratic.

Also mentioned is our ‘second to none’ judicial session. I would suggest she looks closely at the workings of the European Arrest Warrant, which now supersedes our own system of justice.

Yes, the National Health Service is struggling. A rapidly increasing population means rapidly increasing demands on both the NHS and housing, as the recent furore about building 1,000 homes on the Goring Gap has shown.

I hope this explains why UKIP voters are not only voting with their hearts, but also with their heads for the future of our country.

Charles James

Downview Road


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