No regrets at Bryce’s

I WOULD like to clarify your headline (“Restaurant owner blames ‘parking disaster’ for the closure of Bryce’s”, Herald, January 20) concerning the closure of my restaurant.

Parking is, without a doubt, a disaster for many businesses in Worthing but I did not blame that factor alone for the cessation of my business.

Many other factors played a part and you highlight most of these in your article.

My wife and I have no regrets in creating what we consider to be one of the best restaurant venues on the south coast and we are truly grateful to the 500 to 600 people a week who ate our food, experienced our service and agreed with us.

There are many other businesses in the town who are suffering from the current climate but I am confident that this site will re-open in the near future, to once again offer the people of Worthing a great eating location.

Bill Bryce

The Steyne