No surprise here

NONE of us residents will have been at all surprised by your picture of the manager of the Chatsworth Hotel and litter at Steyne Gardens.

The aftermath of Friday and Saturday nights is appalling all over the town, not just the town centre: cans, bottles, cigarette packets, fast food containers often with half their contents uneaten.

Bottles and cans are chucked into gardens, into bushes, onto the road, everywhere, even when litter bins or blue top recycling bins are only a step or two away. On Saturday morning (March 24) there were five empty beer cans on the junction of Oxford and Cambridge roads, and more towards Christchurch Road. The forecourt of the Law Courts was a disgrace.

The council’s spokeswoman said with regard to the Steyne Gardens litter that “ is the community’s responsibility to put rubbish in bins or take it home”. Surely, we need a much more positive response than that?

Yes, it is everyone’s responsibility, but when those who chuck litter show no care or respect whatsoever for their environment or for other people, then it is time to take action to curtail such anti-social activity. This must involve more patrols by the police and PCSOs, litter wardens, anti-litter drives headed by the council, education in schools, publicising bad cases of littering in the press, punishing offenders perhaps by making them turn out every Saturday morning and collect litter.

But the lead must come from the council. Surely, they want their town, our town, to provide a good impression for visitors, and a clean and tidy environment for its residents?

Of course, the problem isn’t just confined to Worthing. The Times on a recent Saturday carried a long article by an American who has bought a house on the South Downs horrified at the litter on the Downs. Anybody driving along the A27 from Shoreham towards Lewes will have seen the dreadful amount of litter by the sides of the road, and this is replicated all over the country.

I have driven from one end of France to the other without seeing one scrap of litter on the roads, and towns are also virtually litter free. If they can keep their streets litter free, why can’t we?

Sir Patrick Cable-Alexander

Cambridge Road