No time to reply over 20’s Plenty...

DUNCAN Kay likes to describe those who oppose 20’s Plenty as the small but vocal minority. We are the silent majority, but most people do not have time to reply to these fanatics’ letters.

He argues that the rise of 24 per cent in the number of killed and seriously injured accidents in 20mph zones is due to an increase of, perhaps, more than 24 per cent in their length.

The important point is that the increased zones have increased the number of KSI accidents. They are more dangerous than ordinary roads. Human nature being what it is pedestrians will wander into roads thinking that cars can wait. Drivers will be frustrated and their concentration will lapse. Accidents are bound to increase.

The number of KSI accidents overall last year increased by two per cent. This was the first yearly rise since 1994. What was different about last year that could have caused this? The obvious and most likely cause is the sudden rise in the miles of 20 mph zones.

How many more lives need to be lost to prove that they don’t work? The mythical other advantages do not out weigh the harm caused.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue