Not a fan of pub...

IN response to Mike Whiting’s letter regarding the Spyglass Inn, who must be their best customer.

As a young person who lives and drinks in Worthing, I find it a shame we lost the lounge bar and restaurant of Gi Gi’s/Sofa – this outlet should not be a pub.

Not only has the owner changed the site completely from a bar to a pub, but also not applied for any planning for all the many changes he made which other outlets in the area had to do prior to doing the work.

It is good to have different types of places to drink at, but having tried the Spyglass I would not return due to those at the bar while trying to eat and drink, pool players at the other end and TVs on the wall.

This is not the type of environment that should be opposite the pier and in the centre of the seafront.

The Spyglass is just another loud bar which does not encourage visitors to the front, it needs to be in keeping with the rest of the front and other outlets that all of us can drink and eat comfortably in like Casa Ciro, Brio’s and Rioja’s.

Planning should be refused. Next time, apply for permission first!

C. Wakeford