Not any logic

I have just read, with interest, the letter about parking fines.

My friend is a courier and was recently fined while delivering and collecting from a local restaurant.

We question the legality of the signage here in that he was parked across the driveway (which belongs to the owner of the restaurant).

There was nowhere else for him to park and, as the only person he was obstructing was the owner of the restaurant, and with his permission, he pulled in on that spot.

There is a single yellow line there and can anyone explain how a yellow line should be there, anyway?

A single yellow line implies that it is legal to park there at certain times of the day.

How can it be legal to actually park there at all as it would make it impossible for the owner to get his car out, should he need to?

I simply cannot see that it is logical and reasonable to encourage, by signage, deliberate obstruction of a driveway.

He appealed against the fine and produced evidence of the collection and delivery, but his appeal was rejected.

We should love to know the “logic” behind this!

Trudi Starling

The Strand