Not enough bins

I often walk the dogs at Goring Gap at the weekend, as I did last Sunday.

The area adjacent to the woods was an absolute disgrace as it was strewn with litter from the previous night’s barbecues and parties.

Far from being a killjoy, I am happy to see the youngsters enjoy the warm summer nights, just as my children did. However, I do think the council should provide much bigger bins for the public to deposit their litter, as all the bins were full and the rubbish placed by the side of the bins had been attacked by seagulls.

Some families who had planed to have their Sunday parties in that are had sent their children out with bin bags to collect the rubbish and they had done a sterling job, but I thought should they have had to do this?

We need to educate the party-goers and provide the bins for their rubbish.

Tom Chilton

St Lawrence Avenue