Not enough interest

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I HAVE been watching with interest to see what is going to happen to the premises vacated by Caffyns in Goring Road.

I read with horror in the Worthing Herald (December 23) that Tesco has applied to open there, and, according to a letter to the editor, the closing date for objections was December 28.

If this was right, I find it wholly unacceptable that there is such a short period between knowing who is taking over the premises, and the closing date, although the application itself for change of use has been published, but not much earlier. I would urge the council to give a much longer period – say, January 31, 2011.

I strongly object to Tesco opening in Goring Road. We already have Iceland and the Co-op self-service stores, and in no way need another.

There is already a good variety of shops to meet most needs – the only things lacking are a butcher and fishmonger, but we are well served by the existing shops. Please ensure that this application is not approved.

Ros Rowley

Bath Road