‘Not satisfactory’

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STEYNING Parish Council commissioned a noise survey costing us, the Steyning residents, £1,700, on the impact of a skatepark in the Memorial Playing Field, which they have previously stated is not suitable due to the remoteness of the site.

This report was received by the council in September of last year but only made available to the public two weeks ago.

The report concludes an earth bund of a minimum height of at least 1.5 metres, will be required on all four sides of the skatepark.

This bunding will more than likely be higher at one end due to the sloping gradient of the ground.

Do parents realise that the users of the skateboard facility will not be able to be seen by anybody in the playing field, due to this high earth bunding and the report recommends the entrance to this facility should be facing the allotment hedge.

This is not a satisfactory situation for both the parents and the children using the skatepark because they will be isolated from the view of all the other users of the field.

Concerned grandparent.

S. Sullivan

Toad Lodge

Newham Lane