‘Not unsympathetic to plight of pubs’

I WAS pleased to see in last Thursday’s Herald the planning committee had made a sensible decision in not allowing Mr Stockton, the landlord of the Dolphin Pub, to continue selling cars from the forecourt.

Apart from the regular six cars that were advertised on the forecourt, there have been up to four parked along Angola Road at various times.

Repairs and preparation work is also carried out in the garage at the rear of the pub.

I’m not aware of any other pub where cars are sold from the premises as a sideline.

Since Mr Stockton is only a tenant landlord, I’m surprised that Punch Taverns haven’t stepped in to stop it.

I’m not unsympathetic to the plight of pubs in trying to keep afloat, but selling cars is not the way to do it.

It seems that a veiled threat is being made to the council that if he can’t carry on then the pub isn’t viable and the site will be sold to Tesco.

I’m not keen on yet another Tesco, with one only at Broadwater and the Premier shop opposite, but I do not want to see cars advertised for sale in the locality.

James Smith

Sackville Way