Nowhere to park for people using the community

I am writing to express my disgust at yet another money making parking patrol that is taking place in Worthing.

Firstly, I would like to say what a great job those involved have made of the new playground facilities at the Pond Lane park in Durrington.

Every time I have passed here there have been children having a great time maximising the new equipment available to the community.

This Sunday afternoon, I took my children along for a play and the parking spaces in the layby were full so I parked in Pond Lane, along with around 10 other cars where no parking restrictions are displayed. All of us had two wheels on the kerb to ensure cars could pass easily, still leaving enough room for those walking to get past. Would you believe that on my return to the car there was a community support officer (in police car) issuing tickets to everyone for obstruction.

It would seem that there really is nowhere in and around Worthing that you can park without fear of being charged for parking. This is a recreation ground well outside the town centre, where people are enjoying maximising the communities facilities, only to receive a ticket from a so called “community” officer.

Paula Pharoah

Cleveland Close