NSL, not NCP...

SAM Williams of South Farm Road, Worthing, has written to your newspaper regarding a penalty charge notice, and refers incorrectly to the fact that NCP were responsible for this action.

We would like the opportunity to reiterate to all your readers that we do not carry out on street enforcement – this is carried out by NSL. NCP and NSL are entirely separate companies, with different staff, different management, different owners and different remits. NCP operates off-street car parks, airport and station parking only – we have no involvement in “on-street” traffic enforcement, and as a result we do not employ traffic wardens.

We do, however, encourage responsible, safe and considerate use of our car parking facilities by all users, and, of course, we do expect customers to pay for their parking. We occasionally have to issue a parking ticket within our car parks, but the vast majority of customers are unlikely to ever experience this – nationally we issue about one ticket in every 1,000 customer visits.

We appreciate that this letter was a case of mistaken identity, and as a result the comments were incorrectly aimed at us.

Brian Puddephatt-Jones

Business Manager NCP South Coast