Obliged to write

AFTER reading Brian Stephens’ article (Councillors hear of severe lack of affordable homes, December 22) I felt obliged to write.

I understand the council’s planning committee were told in an “officer’s report” that even the current proposals will not meet the demand for “affordable housing”.

I also understand there are currently “nearly 1,300 applicants on Worthing’s housing register”.

This begs me to ask questions:

1) How many “affordable homes” do these unelected “officers” suggest would meet this demand?

2) How many of these 1,300 applicants are local people in genuine need?

3) Where in the Worthing borough are all these “affordable homes” to be built?

4) Where are the local jobs to support these “affordable homes” applicants?

5) Where is the infrastructure, hospital capacity, GP surgeries, libraries etc.?

The article concludes, “however, it must be considered that affordable housing is a benefit in its own right...”

I would suggest that there is little benefit to the existing residents of Worthing to have yet more housing imposed on them, affordable or not.

Residents of Worthing may not be aware that their council is offered considerable sums of money under a Government`s New Homes Bonus for every new home built, and if classed “affordable” they get even more money.

These grants which continue for six years, have been described by some as a “bribe.”

Martyn Booker

Orchard Avenue