Oh to stand easily!

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I HAVE just read this week’s Herald (December 10) and was disgusted by the picture of the strikers outside Worthing Hospital.

Particularly the banner saying “Physios standing up for our pensions”.

If I had been given physio after breaking my ankle, I too would be able to stand up for myself.

As it is, I have spent five years in constant pain and discomfort and can only stand for short periods.

I was advised to buy a foot spa.

Pat Morfitt says it is too demanding for a physio to work up to 68.

I will have to work until I drop to survive as I don’t have a pension and I don’t know how I am going to do it.

I wish I could retire now at 59 being in the pain I am in.

Do I feel sympathy for the public sector?

No, not after being left in the state I am in thanks to certain sections of the health department.

Susan Delaney

Congreve Road