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Your letters

A while ago I had the pleasure of watching and listening to some of the big bands that were popular a few years ago, such as Glenn Miller, Ted Heath, Syd Lawrence and many more.

All the band members were very smartly dressed and played wonderful melodies with meaningful and clever lyrics sung by superb singers such as Frank Sinatra, Matt Monroe, Doris Day and Howard Keel.

I then compared them with the so-called bands of today. Apart from the daft names that these bands call themselves, music-wise, it has been reported that some of the members cannot tell B flat from a council house and one of my neighbours has an old Tom cat that sounds better.

And as for the appearance of some of these people, I have seen better dressed scarecrows.

And yet, some of these bands are making fortunes playing music which is nowhere near as pleasant as that from the big bands.

There used to be a saying ‘where there’s muck, there’s money’. Need I say more?

Bill Williams

Twyford Gardens,


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