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I write with regard to comments about UKIP made by Tim Loughton MP (Your Views, October 2).

When, oh when, will this man get his facts straight? That is assuming he wants them straight.

Yet again, he has dug out the old Tory fairytale that UKIP county councillors voted to reduce the roads budget by £30million. We did not. Just check the records from the February, 2014, full council meeting, when budgets were set. Let’s forget the Conservative fantasies and tell you the facts: the Tories proposed a £30million roads increase. UKIP proposed an increase of £24.3m. We felt the £5.7m difference would be better allocated at this stage to reducing cutbacks in care for older folks and protecting family centres.

The allegation that UKIP wanted to divert this mythical £30million to local government reorganisation is further fantasy. Our proposals to change West Sussex into a unitary authority would actually have brought ratepayers annual savings of around £20million every year. The Tories were not interested in this, however. Not least, it might have meant putting dozens of their councillor mates out of a job.

Mr Loughton accuses UKIP councillors of doing nothing to help the community. Yet in his MP’s Corner slot on page 7, he crowed about West Sussex County Council enlisting the help of transport charity Sustrans to help improve safety on the Lancing seafront cycle path. And who’s leading this initiative? I am. UKIP’s county councillor for Lancing – just as UKIP councillors are behind the vital Floodwatch community seminar at Lancing Parish Hall on October 25, all funded with grants I have secured from the county council.

So, Tim, just get your facts straight and stop fantasising about UKIP. Your Uncle Dave in London might start to worry about you! And unlike Messrs. Carswell and Reckless, we don’t want you.

Mike Glennon

UKIP Opposition Leader, West Sussex County Council

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, East Worthing & Shoreham constituency

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