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Just what I’ve been waiting for.

Councils and contractors say when challenged “We don’t use parking or genuine slip ups as a ‘cash cow’ as in Anita Wllsmer’s case (Herald Oct 3) who received a fine of £25 from Worthing parking enforcement for making mistakes on a parking permit so she could park outside her daughter’s house in Westbourne Avenue, especially when a request for correct details letter could have been sent instead.

I received a PCN from an Newham, an East London Council issued by traffic control contractor camera operator employed by Mouchel full of mistakes, in fact so full it should never have been issued.

I received it due to their mistake on the registration application to DVLA for owner information by a reversal of the first two letters of registration LB my vehicle BL the alleged other vehicle who’s owner should have got the PCN. Newham cancelled it the day they were phoned realising the mistake.

I dug further in to it locating the address on Google maps and found there was another mistake the traffic offence code of 33e driving in a route designated to special vehicles (buses, cycles and taxis) commonly known as a ‘bus lane’.

I checked the street named and there was no bus lane, I checked the three images with the PCN no bus lane in them so pointed this out to Newham and they sent back a letter stating yes Mouchel agree the offence code was wrong. Two so far. Then I thought those images do no look anything like the street named and found after extensive touring the estate that they match a side street OFF the alleged offence address simply by match of the architecture of the buildings, so the address is wrong.

So pointing this out to Newham that first the registration mistake then the traffic offence mistake now the address mistake as the address did not match the images. Mouchel still maintain the address was correct. However their response said to me the PCN was still ‘live’ to the other vehicle owner but if he/she received the same PCN and paid the lesser amount of £60 in fear of it doubling I fail to see what offence has been committed that this PCN content would back in a court of law and the fine should be reimbursed with compensation payment.

It seems if the a business makes a mistake, it’s ‘clerical error’, if Joe public makes a mistake, it’s ‘fraud or avoidance’. Is this not called‘double standards?

It seems Mouchel owe me £25 but won’t hold my breath waiting as so far 14 days and no response.

Mr R Whiting

Hayling Rise