Open-door policy

A MEMBER of our congregation pointed out to us a letter published in the August 2 edition of the Herald and Gazette, to which I would like to make comment.

The letter was entitled “Churches closed?”

We were very saddened to read Mr McMillan’s letter in which he shared his disappointment at not being able to find a church in Worthing that was open when he visited the town recently.

I don’t know on which day or the time of day he came, but I did want to ensure Mr McMillan and readers that we fully agree with his concern.

In a world where it is becoming harder and harder to find a place of solitude in which to pray and find peace, it is vital such places are kept open.

That is why we have always tried to ensure we have volunteers on duty at our welcome desk in our church foyer from 10am to 1pm each weekday and Saturday.

On Sundays, the times are slightly different, to coincide with our 10.30am and 6.30pm services.

Many people have used the church in this way over the years and we would love to see many more coming in the future.

We do hope Mr McMillan is one of them.

John Davison


Worthing Tabernacle

Chapel Road