Oppose scheme

Duncan Kay said that he was surprised that 83 per cent of people were against 20’s Plenty.

I have just read that in York the council did a ‘consultation’ on it of 13,000 residents. Only 97 responded. Only seven were in favour, 87 opposed it and three were undecided.

However, the council decided to implement it as there was ‘no significant opinion against the idea of 20mph’. How is that for democracy? My guess is that most people didn’t vote as they knew the council would go ahead anyway.

Worthing County Local Committee agreed to the £50,000 public consultation. At the meeting, councillor Steve Waight said that ‘to have a consultation and not abide by the results would be absolutely absurd. It would do nothing for local politics if we don’t’. He is obviously a man of principle.

However, the experience in York shows that it is vital that all of those opposed to the scheme should vote. We don’t want the Worthing County Local Committee claiming that there is no significant opinion against it here.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue