‘Others loved him’

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THANK you for the article on the walk being taken on by Dave King and friends in memory of Lee Rainford.

I was also away when the tragic accident happened and missed the memorial service. It seems that Lee had many friends in Worthing and was well known to at least three local church fellowships: Worthing Baptist, River of Life and Worthing Tabernacle.

I am not aware of anyone that had anything bad to say about him which is commendable given the fact that he was a very troubled man who owned little and had help from specialist services. Many people gave their time to talk with him and try to help and advise him and he was invited to many people’s homes and attended many events hosted by our men’s fellowship. He also shared his own home at times with those who had none of their own.

I and many others considered him a brother in Christ and we have the consolation of knowing that he is now in heaven with the Lord Jesus whom he so earnestly sought.

I plan to contact Mr King the walk organiser and ask to be allowed to take part as an act of fellowship and a mark of respect for Lee and I am sure others will, too.

I hope Lee’s family derives some comfort from seeing that others loved him, too.

Tony Stubbs (elder Worthing Tabernacle)

Bruce Avenue