Out of control?

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I AM sure that I am not alone in being totally astonished by the lack of action from our local police, in dealing with the ubiquitous cyclists who brazenly flout every rule in the book.

They can be seen all over our town, although obviously invisible to police, and the illustrious PCSOs.

They negotiate one-way streets in an adverse direction, and use the pavements as highways.

Traffic lights do not apply to them, having been given carte blanche by our constabulary to ignore any form of ordered compliance at any time.

Hand signals, forget them, either riding “no hands” with no regard, or on the phone, it really doesn’t matter in Worthing.

No helmets, no lights, no enforcement – what a shower.

Last Saturday, I turned into Lyndhurst Road from North Street, and encountered a police BMW travelling at about 10/15mph.

It was dark, the time being 6.50pm.

After driving like this for some distance, the police vehicle pulled out to overtake the obstruction – you’ve guessed it, a cyclist with no lights – and promptly turned left, having no intention of upholding the law, for which they are paid.

Why am I not surprised? I see it all the time.

Why do the police need a BMW to pick and choose what laws, if any, to enforce?

We’ll never know, especially in this time of austerity!

It would be interesting to ascertain under the renowned Freedom of Information Act exactly how many cyclists have even been confronted with their misdemeanours, let alone, heaven forbid, been prosecuted, human rights permitting, of course.

Finally, can we remind our police that vehicles require two working headlights. This also applies in Worthing, or has that been given a veto, too!

Mr C.B. Long

Queen Street