Out of step?

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In response to Duncan Barkes’ column last week.

I suppose my wife and I are out of step with modern life, as when we married nearly 65 years ago the ethos for her was to “look after your man”!

This, of course, resulted in her knowing that whatever came along, or wherever we were, she would be loved and cared for by me, and this still pertains.

In this context, and in the scarcities of rationing – even when children came along – she prepared proper meals for us, even to approaching the butcher to let her have offal, and bones, off-ration, to stew with vegetables, to have fresh meals for us all on the table every day.

We still enjoy home-cooked food in great variety, without recourse to ready-meals, and, together with the rest of our family, seem to be the healthier for it, despite growing older together.

We see no real need to spend large sums of money for the sake of paying for all modern gadgets like smart phones, or reading tablets, etc., or other gizmos (if that is the right word), but such expenditure probably satisfies the desire for self-esteem, and shows how up-to-date your kids are.

Because a computer and a printer were better than a typewriter, we did invest in a laptop PC which is a boon for communicating in writing, keeping records and storing family photos.

We do not bother to engage in Twitter or Facebook, or play games, nor explore any other facility available on the net.

Long may we endure.

Yours, unstressed and comfortable with our lot.

Mr E. Harvey

Shirley Close