Outrageous injustice

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I WONDER how many readers heard the response that the Prime Minister gave in Parliament, when an MP asked why the Air Ambulance has to pay VAT on its fuel, but the lifeboats don’t?

David Cameron merely said that it was because of a European Union ruling. If our MPs had any nous, there should have been uproar in the House about how the British government meekly kowtows to Brussels.

How woefully pathetic I feel our Westminster Parliament has now become, if it is powerless to let off the vital Air Ambulance service from paying VAT on its fuel. Shame on all MPs.

But, in my view, our MPs are now seemingly automatons, so conditioned by the system that they fail to spot the outrageous injustice in all of this.

They are meant to represent us, the voters who put them there, but, instead, they do what they are told by the likes of Blair, Brown and Cameron.

In my opinion, they gave up representing the wishes of the British people in 1972.

That is why UKIP fights the three main parties. We will keep fighting them until we get our national sovereignty returned, so that we can, once again, be ruled by a properly accountable Parliament in Westminster – and let the Air Ambulance off VAT on its fuel.

Mike Glennon

Offington Gardens