Outrageous site plan kept quiet

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This is outrageous! Roffey developments has been responsible for a lot of good construction in Worthing, The Warnes, The Eardley and more currently, The Beach Hotel site.

The seafront has never had high rise, the three buildings mentioned may be eight storeys high or so and I can’t think of any others with the exception of Westminster Court at the bottom of Selden Road and the ugly Esplanade building.

Those must have slipped through planning in the 1960s somehow. They kept this quiet didn’t they?

At the time, the council was proudly showing off plans for the new pool, no mention was made of what would happen on the existing site.

They kept the focus on the controversial copper-clad pool.

We lost our beloved Peter Pan’s playground, the boating pool and the paddling pool.

It should be NO to any residential development on land that should be used for the community but if we must, let’s at least have it in keeping with the other developments.

No further high rise in Worthing please.

Peter English

Pembury Close


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