‘Outrageous, yet typical...’

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In response to Cllr Charles James’ letter of August 15, I would like to say that it is outrageous, yet typical, to say that the Worthing bypass is not affordable because of monies going to the EU.

The idea that our contributions to Europe far outweigh our benefits is a misconception held by many, and bolstered by the popular press. In fact, our net outgoings to the EU come to less than one per cent of our expenditure.

On top of that, there is the value of trade with Europe through the Single Market which brings in somewhere in the region of £40 billion. On top of that there are other direct subsidies and grants worth billions both in direct cash and in jobs.

Cllr James’ sums do not add up. By all means, argue for a bypass if that is what you want to do, but don’t use the argument to take a pop at the European Union.

Jackie Cranefield

Salvington Road