Outstanding plan

AS a former member of the Worthing Society, it is disappointing to read that they are still voicing concerns about the gateway development at Teville Gate.

The plan offers Worthing an excellent opportunity to showcase an architectural bravery that the town has not seen for a significant number of years (the office development on North Street aside).

What makes the development stand out is the very thing that the society is criticising – the twin towers. These will help the town stand out from beyond the Broadwater Road entrance to Worthing, and will offer residents of the upper floors a unique view of the Worthing area as they live far above any other building in the district.

Residential concerns about parking will also be unfounded – from my time with the society, I remember that any new development raised parking worries – and I cannot help but think that it is the usual NIMBY crowd who don’t want thing to change and are more concerned that their house prices (which, at the moment are stagnant to say the least) will take a tumble.

There have been too many years of procrastination about this development. I have lived in the town for over a decade, and have seen Teville Gate crumble from a barren empty-shopped walkway to a partially cleared building site.

Can somebody please put the nay-sayers to one side and get on with construction!

Richard Cooper-Knight

Bramley Road