Park clean-up a pleasure

It was a great pleasure for me to join 60 or so community-minded individuals, and especially the 33 children and their parents from Chesswood Middle School who joined in the Homefield Park clean up event on April 7.

The event was organised by the Homefield Park Action Group, and councillor Tom Wye took charge on the day ensured the event was executed in true military style.

Several large bags of rubbish were collected and at the end of the day it was possible to declare the park a “dog poo free park”.

However, it is on this

latter point I have a serious point to make.

The event was made rather unpleasant by the large amounts of dog droppings encountered which designated adults bravely and stoically scooped up. It does appear that the park is used as a dog toilet by large numbers of pet owners.

I would like to thank the many who do pick up after their dogs and use the bins provided – it would be much worse otherwise – but I would urge other owners to do likewise.

The presence of such large amounts of droppings does not add to the appeal of the park and is particularly threatening and unpleasant for children who play there.

I would ask that those dog owners who do not clean up after their pets to have respect for others and for the environment and behave accordingly.

Otherwise, I would like to say thanks to the Homefield Park action Group and all those who turned up for the event. It is good to see such people taking such a keen interest in their environment and such positive community involvement in the town.

Councillor David Chapman

Wiston Avenue