Parking action plea

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THE fact this council now intends to extend the controlled parking area comes as no surprise to most reasonable-thinking people.

While this Lib Con government are determined to push this country down the drain faster than last year’s average rainfall, Worthing councillors are doing their bit to help the situation along.

They seem hellbent on creating a geriatric kibbutz, with a Tesco convenience store on the corner of every block of luxury apartments and nothing else.

Why not do the job easily. If you do not want people in the town, just put up no-entry signs at Offington roundabout.

I have a vision of Worthing in the future. A lonely traveller rides into town and, as he makes his way up South Street, the bracken rolls across his path and the only sound is that of a broken shutter, from one of the deserted buildings, blowing in the wind. As the stranger reaches the top of the street, he sees an old man sitting in a doorway sucking on his pipe. “Where is everyone?” he asks. “All hitched up their wagons and left town,” replies the old man.

Just at that moment, a shadowy figure appears from behind a nearby tree. Could this be Jesse James?

No, it’s one of the Blue Bandits, part of the infamous NCP Gang.

At the sight of this, the traveller turns on his heels and rides out of town fast without a backward look. God help us all!

Would the last person to leave town please switch off the lights.

Dave Godfrey

Meadow Road