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Your letters

I refer to your article in the November 27 edition, regarding car parking charges while shopping at either Morrison or Lidl stores.

We have been loyal customers at Lidl for many years and have, of course, spent many hundreds of pounds. We never abuse the use of the car park to slip off elsewhere because we need lots of time to peruse the stock and, subsequently, spend lots of cash. On the last occasion, we were in the car park of an hour and a half, having spent almost £100. Imagine our shock-horror when, two days later, we received a parking fine for £90, or £45 if paid within 14 days.

Unfortunately, because we had paid for our shopping with cash, we had no reason to keep the till receipt and we had, therefore, forfeited our right of appeal to the store manager. We did send him a letter, but did not receive any response. I think if this policy is going to be continued by these stores, I’m afraid the customer will begin to use the store as a ‘pop-in’ shop for a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk. Customer beware.

B.J. Stenson

Ashurst Drive


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