Parking confusion

ON February 14, I fell victim to a car parking sting on Surrey Street and I wish to let your readers know about it.

Although I had a valid car parking ticket, I made the mistake of parking on the wrong side of the road, right under a residents’ sign stuck over a house wall, some 15 ft above me, well out of the line of sight.

On leaving my motor, I bumped into a jobsworth, his phone on the go and was responding to a tip-off. Little did I know he was nailing me with a ticket.

I am so incensed at this tawdry and vulgar use of power that no way will I subscribe to this little scam. I am 84 years old, diabetic, with dodgy legs. I am now beginning to simmer down a little.

I would appreciate the comments of the AA, police and council on this snide scheme they run there. My appeal was rejected.

R. J. Jennings

Ophir Road