Parking figures are public record

Two weeks ago, a letter from Bill Hammond requested figures for car parking costs.

Everyone should be aware that such figures are a matter of public record and within reach.

The accounts of all councils are a matter of public record as are most committee meetings and council meetings.

So Bill, and every other member of the public, could attend any meeting where these matters are discussed, search the budget document, or go online and read the minutes of the meetings.

I am not a member of West Sussex County Council, so that is how I research my information. It is not always easy and probably more difficult for those who do not have an insight of the workings of local authorities but I will always help my ward residents in such research so I am sure your local councillor would help you if you asked.

Some of the points raised in the letter have been made before by myself and councillor Yallop at public meetings such as the County Local Committee and my local neighbourhood panel.

The figures I obtained are lengthy and not amenable to being published in a letter but I will give them to Bill if he contacts me.

Like the information referred to above, the contact details of all councillors is widely available and a matter of public record.

Councillor Roger Oakley

Goring Road