Parking improved

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IN response to my comments on the sad demise of Bryce’s restaurant, Michael Dynan wrote last week that it would be nice if councillors did something about the parking problems in Worthing “instead of trying to gloss over the problem”.

With the greatest respect, I should like to remind Mr Dynan of my track record.

One of the first things I did, when I became the leader of Worthing Borough Council, was to meet with NCP to discuss concerns over car parking charges.

Following that meeting, the £2.90 minimum charge in the multi-storey car parks was dropped.

Prior to this, at a meeting of the Worthing cabinet, I proposed that the number of on-street parking attendants in Worthing be reduced from 19 to 10.

Whilst this proposal was agreed by Worthing Borough Council, it was later rejected by West Sussex County Council, which, as the highways authority, sets the rules. However, it has recently agreed to reduce the number to 16.

Whilst I recognise the public and local business owners still have concerns over parking, there are many other factors which affect the viability of town centre shops and restaurants, as evidenced by Mr Bryce’s recent letter to the Herald.

Readers may be interested to learn that visitor numbers to the town centre for 2010 were up 4.1 per cent, which compares very favourably with the national picture, where the numbers were down 2.7 per cent.

In 2010, there were 5.7 million shopping visits to the town centre. This may account for Mr Dynan’s problem finding a free parking space.

Paul Yallop, leader

Worthing Borough Council