Parking issue at complex

Regarding the questions and answers regarding the new leisure complex, on reading the question from Linda Arnstein regarding parking at the complex.

The answer made me smile, yippee the parking near has 120 spaces, does the council really think this is sufficient, as during the summer shoppers, visitors, and Fit 4 members will be using these spaces. I also noted the old Aquarena car park is in use also but for a limited period.

People using the complex and have PAID to park, would be looking at watches so as not to get a parking ticket.

Surely during design stages the council looked at other venues in the area of similar nature and noted the amount of cars in the car parks, or do they not think that Splashpoint will be used to the extent of other venues?

Maybe a survey could be carried out to see how many people who wish to use Splashpoint wil travel by car.

To sum up, if you wish to use the gym, swim, sauna etc., and coffee, surely two hours is not enough time, or are the council willing to pay for three hours’ parking?

Alan Osborne

Copthorne Hill