Parking observation

I HAVE lived in East Worthing for three years now and obtained a parking permit and dutifully pay £40 a year for the privilege.

I have always understood why we are in a parking permit area – it is to stop people from parking all day, walking to the station, commuting to London, arriving back late, thereby lessening the chance of us other council tax and road tax payers being able to park outside or within a reasonable distance of our homes.

The permits are only required in my zone for two hours a day, between 10am and 11am, and 2pm and 3pm.

Anyone caught parking without displaying a valid permit will be issued with a hefty fine from those lovely uniformed people who keep our permit spaces safe.

Ok, what’s your point, I hear you all asking. Well, firstly the zone in which I live is not a pay and display area. In fact, it is free to park here.

I only need a permit for two hours of each day.

This does not include Sundays or bank holidays, so for 60 days of the year anyone can park outside my house for free without having to buy a permit.

They can park outside my house for free every day of the year if they wish as long as they move their vehicle during the restricted hours and they do not have to hand over a penny to do this.

So, why are residents charged £20 for the first permit registered at an address and £40 for the second one and 30p day for a visitors permit if we happen to be lucky enough to have friends and family visit?

If I venture out in my car during the evening, I have to park around the block and risk a five-minute walk with insufficient street lighting, just because everyone without a permit has parked there for free.

So, my point is this, free parking on the outskirts of Worthing is very considerate but this consideration does not extend to those of us who happen to live here.

Christine Turner

Brighton Road

East Worthing