Parking permission

FURTHER to my letter of last week, I now know that residents of Ham Road, between Lyndhurst Road and approximately Pages Lane on the west side of the road, have written permission from Worthing Borough Council to drive on and park completely on the pavement.

Does this mean when zones come in that they will park free, because zoned areas apply solely to the road and not the pavement?

Clearly, the damage being caused to the kerbs and pavements and possibly to the utilities underneath is of no interest to the council.

It seems odd, particularly because pavement and road repairs are such a heavy bill.

If Worthing feels that it can allow parking on the pavement where it is wide, does this mean that it can apply anywhere? Solutions have to be found in order for traffic to flow smoothly and pedestrians to walk easily along thoroughfares.

We have many people in Worthing pushing buggies and using wheelchairs – life for them is very difficult, with restricted access along many streets.

Who is the responsible authority? It is not the county, and the police seem to ignore almost everything they see, so it would seem to be a borough responsibility.

S. Humphreys

Meadow Road